This Is Ritual


THE FOOL - The Joker - The Harlequin - the un-numbered of the Pack

THE FOOL inhabits us all and permeates our very soul - yet only the few dare embrace its power

THE FOOL embodies all that it is to be human: to love unconditionally - to hope against all hope - to fear all that we cannot control - and to dream of fleeting moments of glory

To embrace THE FOOL is to accept such human frailty - NOT as an act of weakness but as an act of the utmost strength and defiance

THE FOOL shows unrivalled contempt for all that convention dictates - it is the sign of the consummate Maverick - the Social Renegade

Within THE FOOL: DEVOTION can ENDLESSLY prevail - unfettered by logic or reason

Fear not, or pity THE FOOL: for they are the wisest of the Pack - the truest of leaders - the clearest of visionaries - the bravest of souls - the ultimate blazers of trails

In RITUAL - we celebrate all that is FOOL: a culture borne from the shadows - burning in quiet revolution - and embraced as the marker of the utmost HONOUR


BEWARE of False Pretenders