Understated confidence - THE BLACKOUT COLLECTION - for the ones who don’t need to shout to be heard. This capsule collection of subtly embroidered garments, inspired by the industrially baron landscapes to which so many clubs owe their heritage - it is the subtle marker of the consummate Maverick, the Quiet Revolutionary and the Social Renegade.

Join the Quiet Revolution and reclaim all that is sacred in this - our Beautiful Game. NEVER underestimate the power or dignity of the FOOL - or of the Club that bears its name RITUAL FOOLS CLUB.

With the endless nights and dark days of winter upon us this collection carries three essential items for the coldest months ahead, each subtly emblazoned with the mark of the FOOLS CLUB.

We've given a sleek understated new look on the classic Trucker Cap making it the perfect partner for any casual winter look; 

Created a hooded sweatshirt which has sharp athletic lines and soft-sheen finish with a fleecy lining to keep you cutting a dynamic figure on the terraces while staying warm and able to still layer up in total comfort; 

And under all of this we've taken the simple black t-shirt to a whole new dimension with our black on black embroidered Ritual Fools Club crest on the chest.